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Yousef Haseli has conducted research on various subjects in the field of energy and thermal sciences for over a decade. He has the experience of working with renowned scientists at some of the world’s top universities. He received a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands, followed by a postdoctoral position at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His expertise includes thermochemical conversion of biomass, advanced energy conversion systems, clean energy and fuel production, two-phase/reactive flows, and engineering thermodynamics. His research activities have led to to one US patent, two books, and 43 journal articles with over 1900 citations. He is a recipient of several awards, the most distinguished one being the Academic Gold Medal Award of the Governor General of Canada. He has recently authored a book titled Entropy Analysis in Thermal Engineering Systems which provides latest formulation and limitations of traditional entropy analysis. He has served as a reviewer for dozens of international journals.

Areas of Expertise


  • Supercritical CO2 cycles

  • Combined gas/steam power plants

  • Power cycles with CO2 capture

  • Integrated gasification combined cycles

  • Integrated gas turbine SOFC cycles

  • Biomass pyrolysis/combustion

  • Torrefaction technology

  • Shell and tube condensers

  • Fundamentals of Thermodynamics

Book (2011)

Book (2020)






One of the best instructors I have had interactions with at this university. I had him for fluid mechanics and he was always very helpful and eager to help students understand the material.

Peter Dykhuizen


Professor Haseli is an excellent motivator and educator. His methods are somewhat unique and adaptable to individual or group as a whole. He works hard to make sure students completely understand fundamentals rather than memorize step by step procedures and formulas. He does this to better prepare his students for real world situations, when each problem must be evaluated in its own way. Haseli’s approach has helped me retain the knowledge he passed along in his classes, whereas I usually forget most of what I learned the moment I turn in the final exam.

Pavel Blagojevski


In my opinion, Dr. Haseli has been one of the best professors I have had in my college career. He shows a lot of enthusiasm for what teaches and keeps his lectures interesting. He is also very big on making sure that all the students truly learn and understand the material taught in lecture. He also made sure to cover the most important topics as early as possible to ensure that there is enough time to fully learn them. In the fluid mechanics course I took with him, he rearranged the curriculum to benefit the students. He felt a strong need to teach his students about the material that would be most applicable in a real engineering job situation. This material would have been covered last, but he felt it was too important to cover that late so it was taught earlier. Dr. Haseli is a professor that is truly there for his students and advancing on his knowledge on them. I hope I get another chance to take one of his course. If you have a chance to take one of his course, I highly recommend it.

Paul Barkauski


Prof. Yousef Haseli happens to be one of the most compassionate professors that I have encountered in my three years attending Purdue University Calumet. He shapes his teaching style in a manner that assists rather than hinder the students. Do not take it the wrong way. Prof. Haseli has high hopes and expectations for his students. I feel that I learned material that was relevant and that I personally find useful for my future. I took fluid mechanics with Prof. Haseli, and his knowledge for the subject matter shown through. Prof. Haseli was always on top of things such as providing quizzes/classwork, preparing challenging lectures, as well as returning grades in an expedient manner. Aside from being an incitement instructor, Prof. Haseli is also a great mentor. I highly recommend if you ever get to take any class being accompanied by Yousef Haseli, be sure not to let that opportunity slip through your grasp.

Brandon Kretchmer


Professor Haseli was the best professor that I have had in my pursuit of an engineering degree. His energy and passion while teaching kept me involved in the class and made me want to understand the material. The focus on important core material allowed me to gain a great understanding of the fundamentals, and use critical thinking to solve difficult problems. This was accomplished by assigning relevant homework, and having weekly quizzes to cement what was learned. If you did not understand any topics taught in class, Professor Haseli would always be ready and willing to help you understand. What impressed me the most was how much Professor Haseli cared about the students performance in the class. When the class performed poorly on tests or quizzes the disappointment could be seen on his face, and when the class performed well the excitement he felt was palpable. In the end I left his class feeling like I understood the material completely, and I would recommend anyone to take a class or lab with Professor Haseli.

Mike Lahey


Professor Haseli was a great teacher for Fluid Mechanics at Western New England University. He was very willing to alter his teaching style to best fit the interests of the class. Professor Haseli was also very readily available and extremely helpful during office hours. Overall he is a great professor and I would take another class with him in a heartbeat.

Asa deBlois


I had Dr. Haseli as a heat transfer professor this past year at Western New England University.  During my time taking his course he demonstrated his theoretical knowledge of the subject, and then successfully linked it to practical applications in the real world.  He is one of the few professors I have learned from that has been able to achieve this.  At the same time, he is very open to alter his teaching methods in a way that will better fit the class's learning style.  Overall, a great professor.



Yousef Haseli's research is not only of high scientific quality, but he is also capable of understanding the way in which he should process his results in order to be useful to others. In particular, the models he developed for one particle cannot be applied directly in a multi-particle model, since that would increase the complexity of the problem far too much. Before being able to apply his models, the models needed to be greatly simplified. He understood the requirements and he was able to accomplish the task of simplification of the model without sacrificing too much accuracy. He is also very well capable of presenting his results, both orally and in writing. His presentations are well structured and his PhD thesis is very well written, so that it can be well understood, also by people not directly involved in combustion.

Prof. Hans Kuerten


Professor Haseli is by far the most enthusiastic and dedicated professor I have had in my educational career. He emphasizes hard work in order to master the material, "You must suffer and grind through it. Or you'll never truly learn it." He always brings energy to the classroom and engages the students to think critically about the subject matter. What makes Professor Haseli stand out is his teaching beyond the material. He consistently demonstrates a genuine want for his students to succeed by giving anecdotes and advice for real life. He is able to inspire a classroom and motivate true learning, an attribute that is increasingly rare in most educators today.

Milos Trivunovic


I have had Professor Haseli for two classes, and that is no accident. I would describe him as a very progressive and totally fair professor. By progressive I mean that he is willing to adjust to the circumstances from class to class and teach what is useful and necessary. I have not missed a single class that I have had with Professor Haseli over two semesters, and that is also no accident. The effort he puts forth in teaching his students is evident, and if that effort is reciprocated by the students, they will succeed. I would highly recommend taking a class with Professor Haseli to anyone who would want a professor who cares about his student's success, their understanding, and his students in general. I have taken a class with Professor Haseli two semesters in a row and hope to make it a third this coming fall semester.

Aaron Cunningham


Yousef Haseli was my teacher this past semester and I must say that it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my college career. He is really passionate about learning and motivating his students. I personally did bad at the beginning of class and struggled for the first exam that he gave but after going to his office hours and him explaining to me what I did wrong and what I could have done better to prepare I left with a new passion for the material. Soon after following all the wisdom he bestowed upon me I was able to apply it all on the second exam and was able to do exponentially better. He encouraged me and kept me calm throughout the semester and to focus on the matter at hand. Between the five classes I took this past semester his was the one I actually looked forward to. He had fun talking to us as a class and even cracked jokes here and there to ease the tension of the new material. I even had questions about different classes I was in and to my surprise he actually answered them better than the teacher who initially gave me the problems. He is an incredibly well rounded person and is very intelligent. If I had a choice between him and other professors here at Purdue University Calumet I would choose to have him teach me again without a single doubt.

Manuel Lopez

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