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Thermodynamic Optimization of Power Plants

Thermodynamic Optimization of Power Plants aims to establish and illustrate comparative multi-criteria optimization of various models and configurations of power plants. It intends to show what optimization objectives one may define on the basis of the thermodynamic laws, and how they can be applied for optimization of heat engines. By examination of a variety of power plant models, the operational regimes at maximum work output, maximum thermal efficiency and minimum entropy generation have been examined and compared. The discussions covered in this book include:

  • Explanation of the concept of entropy and its generation,

  • Relationship between entropy generation and exergy destruction,

  • Review of Sadi Carnot’s principles, and explaining under what conditions Carnot cycle can be considered as the most efficient engine,

  • Stirling and Ericsson cycles operating with nonideal gas,

  • Examination of performance of different endoreversible power plants at maximum work and minimum entropy generation,

  • Multi-objective optimization of conventional gas turbine engines,

  • Thermodynamic performance of a combined gas turbine and solid oxidefuel cell power cycle.

This is a promising supplementary book for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of thermodynamics, energy systems, and thermal design. It can be also used by engineers and researchers working in the field of power plant technology.

Readers Comments

In this book Yousef Haseli provides a fresh look at engineering thermodynamic optimization. The first half of the book provides a general understanding of the foundations of thermodynamics, not in the usual step-by-step development, but in a more didactic form arguing through the logical connections between concepts and with ample historical references. The second half is more traditional in that simple as well as more elaborate models of power plants are analyzed and assumptions tested.


Prof. Bjarne Andresen

Professor of Physics, University of Copenhagen

The text 'Thermodynamic Optimization of Power Plants' is a comprehensive text dealing with the analysis and optimization of power plants.  Particular attention is given to gas turbine plants considering actual plants, the maximum work possible from the plants and methods to minimize entropy generation.  The text would be useful text in an advanced level engineering course in Power Plants.



Prof. William M. Worek

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinnois at Chicago

Regional Editor of Applied Thermal Engineering

Thermodynamic Optimization of Power plants, by Yousef Haseli, is a very welcome addition to the literature of Applied Thermodynamics.  It is a supplementary text for courses in power plant optimization.  With topics covered like optimization of gas turbines, maximum work output and entropy generation for cycles, the text discusses applied power plant cycle concepts in a very specific and applicable fashion.  A nice text for students using Callen's or Bejan's graduate thermodynamics texts who have interests in a focused treatment of power plant optimization.


Prof. Kevin M. Lyons

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina State University

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