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Thermodynamic Modeling of a Gas Turbine Power Cycle

A regenerative Brayton cycle is schematically shown below. Air at state 1 enters the compressor at 300 K and 1 bar. The pressure ratio is 8, and the compressor and the turbine operate with isentropic efficiencies of 80% and 89%, respectively. The effectiveness of the regenerative heat exchanger is 82%. Hot air at state 4 leaves the combustor at 1200 K. The exhaust of the cycle (state 6) is discharged to the environment. Neglect any pressure drop in the flow path of the air. Per unit mass flow rate of the air, determine

(a) the work requirement of the compressor;

(b) the work production of the turbine;

(c) the heat added to the air in the combustor;

(d) the net work production of the cycle;

(e) the thermal efficiency of the cycle;

(f) the mass flow rate of the air if the net power production of the cycle is 80 kW.

Use k = 1.4 in your calculations.


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