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Entropy Analysis in Thermal Engineering Systems 1st Edition

Entropy Analysis in Thermal Engineering Systems is a thorough reference on the latest formulation and limitations of traditional entropy analysis. Yousef Haseli draws on his own experience in thermal engineering as well as the knowledge of other global experts to explain the definitions and concepts of entropy and the significance of the second law of thermodynamics. The design and operation of systems is also described, as well as an analysis of the relationship between entropy change and exergy destruction in heat conversion and transfer. The book investigates the performance of thermal systems and the applications of the entropy analysis in thermal engineering systems to allow the reader to make clearer design decisions to maximize the energy potential of a thermal system.

Table of Contents

1. Fundamental concepts
2. Birth and evolution of thermodynamics
3. Teaching entropy
4. The common source of entropy increase
5. Most efficient engine
6. Endoreversible heat engines
7. Irreversible engines—Closed cycles
8. Irreversible engines—Open cycles
9. Entropy and fuel cells

10. Entropy and chemical equilibrium

11. Exergy

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